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kurumsal/corporate Cem - Ay International Transportation Co. Since 1994, serves international road transport.

Since 1982, our knowledge and our experience in the road transport sector in 1994 with great determination we have merged under the Cem-Ay INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION Co. Since that year, the C-2 certificate authority and responsibility to grow in the road transport industry we serve every day. İstanbul in TURKEY in 1999, our company has opened its first branch office. With our growing volume of trade with this country, we began to invest in restructuring and shipping. In TURKEY, Our company has been member of Turkish Transporters , UND.

At that time, in this country, which will take place regarding our sector experienced and we solve some problems. Emerging trade volume with our our fleet renewing and additional investments by the beginning of 2004, from the totally satellite tracking system in our vehicles Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia countries also road transport services began to give. Swiftness and safety concepts always carry our principle of providing the best service to our customers and strive consciousness. Current özmal 25 tilt trailers, semi-trailers and 24 units 12 units for rent trailers Trailer Truck .Our company is closely following developments in the sector and innovation of high quality human resources and customer satisfaction oriented service continues to work with.

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